"People's facial expressions should be genuine and sincere!"

Olesya Rushentseva-Slavnaya:

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" My name is Olesya and I am absolutely convinced that human facial expressions are an important element of communication. It allows you to express emotions and thoughts without the use of words"

Founder of the Mimika International Acting School in Moscow

In 5 years, she has made her way from dreaming of becoming an actress to starring in a feature film

Actress, model. Starring roles in the movies: “Botkier’s trap”, “1159”, “Together Forever” and other projects from STS, Channel One, Russia 1, TV3 and more than 20 local projects of Moscow film directors and event photographers

I can help anyone to create an image with facial expressions and feel free always and everywhere!

Course Program

We will discuss three main facial expression issues that

Affect how we interact with people, work in shot, and perform on stage

Stiff face (emotionless)
Face with exaggerated facial expressions
Asymmetrical face

These are the issues that prevent you from being free and convincing

We will learn the muscles in our face

Our face has a large number of muscles that are responsible for different emotions and have an impact on our moods

If one of the muscles is tense, it is not only unattractive, but also non natural, and it looks fake in the frame

It is from the muscle clamp that the unnecessary movements appear (frequent blinking, wrinkled forehead, bulging eyes)

Step 1

We will get rid of facial clamps

It is important to relax your muscles, because when they are tense, they tighten and form wrinkles called "expression lines"

This causes asymmetry and involuntary facial twitching

We will learn how to relax each muscle on our face to express any emotion more easily and naturally

We will find our weaknesses and reveal the advantages

With the help of special exercises, we will make the face relaxed and more manageable and elastic

The results of the course:

You’ll see how other people see you. You’ll find your weak points and learn how to make them strong

Step 2
Step 3
This course is for you if you:
Have a face that isn't elastic enough
Make a lot of unnecessary facial movements
Goggle your eyes
Can’t bring tears in a scene
Blink a lot when feel nervous
Have asymmetry in your eyes
Want to know a lot of useful lifehacks
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Head of Sales Department

"The uniqueness of the course is that it is suitable for absolutely everyone. During the course, Olesya helps you to know yourself and your individualities better. You’ll learn to see what and how our face conveys. And when you know how to use it, even your downsides become an advantage. And you realize that this is your individuality"

Marina Yuryeva, 42 years old
Blogger, actress. 1.7 mln. followers
"Olesya, I want to express my gratitude for the course. The course is very clear and well-managed, without the fluff. I have learned how to control my facial muscles and show the emotion I need at the moment. By the way, these skills came in handy not only on shoots, but also in everyday life! Thank you!"
Tatiana Duka, 37 years old
"Thank you Olesya for this unique course. It’s a mystery why we are not taught this at university. This experience helped me a lot in my profession, I wish you and your school success and prosperity!"
Natalia Efremova, 27 years old
"I took a course from a modeling agency. They sent me to learn how to manage facial expression. I was satisfied, and now I work on camera easily and confidently. Thank you!"
Daniil Shatalin, 20 years old
Если какой-то из них тонизирован - напряжен, то это не только не красиво, но и не естественно, а в кадре это выглядит наигранно
Head of Legal Department of Justice
" I bought the course for the sake of curiosity, but after a few lessons my skepticism has faded away. I found a lot of interesting emotions on my face I didn't know about. I learned to notice how I behave and what I convey"
Anatoliy Sidorenko, 34 years old
" I thank Olesya for this course, it has changed my life and helped me to gain confidence in my field"
Maria Sofyina, 25 years old
Chairman of the Trade Union Committee
"The course is amazing, unique and useful for everyone"
Konstantin Maltsev, 39 years old
Managing Director of a Cosmetology Center

"To my surprise, the course is better than face fitness, I bought it on recommendation and have not regretted it. If we train our body, it is important to train the face as well. And it really improves my complexion and gives a lifting effect, smoothes out expression lines and even my lips become more luscious. I recommend it!"

Antonina Agayeva, 52 years old
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